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Wine Bottle Dipped In Chocolate

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Wine Bottle Dipped in Chocolate

Makes great client gifts, employee gifts and any other occasion you need that one-of-a-kind gift.  We dip two sizes of bottles; 750 ml is $28.00 and the 1.5 l is $39.50.

You bring us your favorite bottle of wine.  We’ll cover it in food grade shrink wrap and then dip it in our best chocolate.  You pull the red zipper ribbon and watch the delicious chocolate just fall away from the bottle in pieces, ready for you to enjoy!  What could be better?  Your favorite bottle of wine and our delicious chocolate.  The perfect match!

How to enjoy your CHOCOLATE DIPPED WINE BOTTLE! Refrigeration not required.  Keep Cool. Remove the outside decorative wrapping and ribbon. Find the “ZIP LINE” near the top of the bottle. Pull the ribbon down to the bottom of the bottle “‘Unzipping” the delicious chocolate off!  Then just uncork your wine and you’re in HEAVEN!  Enjoy!


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